Welcome Beloved Divinians!


Our Dear Spiritual Sons and Daughters of the DWCU,

Greetings in the Divine Word!

The Divine Word College of Urdaneta consistent of its mission as “Witness to the Word” wishes to open an avenue to “re-connect” with its dear sons and daughters scattered all over the world by creating this Home Page of our ever-growing “DWCU Family” in the cyber space. This is our home away from home – The Divinian in the cyberzone!  Through the years we have been longing to bind ourselves together after we left the portals of our Alma Mater who molded us: making us what we are, where we are and who we are  now as citizens of the world. The integral formation that was catered to us in line with the Catholic Tradition bolstered with the charism of the Society of the Divine Word molded us as individuals whole and uniquely Divinian being bearers and heralds of the Word with the universal mission to go out into the whole world and proclaim the Good News!

The strength and the pursuit of excellence of the DWCU lie on the fruits, the products, the children of this Alma Mater. We are proud to claim and declare to the whole world that tradition of excellence not only in academics but in forming the whole person in a Catholic environment making one ready for life with global competence in standard. In behalf of your mentors through the years, we express our heartfelt gratitude for giving us the privilege to be part of what you are now. We are proud of you!

The present administration then, resolved to give priority attention to all our graduates here and abroad. The board of trustees in its annual meeting last May 11 assigned Mrs. Marissa Tabar Sanchez to take care of coordinating the alumni associations on the part of the the Administration. Mrs. Aurora Sandoval Manzano the present DWCU corporate secretary and a member of the board though retired from service lovingly volunteered to assist Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez in taking care of the DWCUAA. This afternoon at 3:00 o’clock the two concerned mothers met with the school president and thus decided to open this “website” as one of their initial programs of action. May this avenue will help us realize our dream to have a closer contact with you our dear alumni.  We need your feedbacks and suggestions on how to enrich this free site courtesy of the WordPress.

The on-going economic meltdown  brought us closer, binding us together as one academic family to face all these trials and crises that shook the pillars of our institution challenging its right to continue its existence and mission. Last school year when the DWCU Philippine Alumni Association asked the newly installed school president on what the Alumni can do to help, there was only one request and plea by the president: “to help bring back the population of our dear Alma Mater”. Thus their project for that year was to work and help in bringing new students. Their efforts did not go fruitless for as we begin this new school year 2009-2010 our enrollment moves up a little. A significant increase in the grade school is observed from 230 of last school year to 269 as of this writing. In The High School department last year we closed at 545 while this year we open at 552; in the College department a total of 103 students when we closed the second semester and as of now there are 110 who are enrolled. So, when we open this new school year we start with a total number of students to 931 against 879 last year.  We could safely say that we increase by 52 students this year.

Dr. Diosdado “Dody” Bautista (an alumnus based in Canada) recently visited also his Alma Mater and paid a visit to the president inquiring him about what can the alumni do to help the mother institution, the same answer was made: “help us bring back the population of our school.” Before the opening of classes this year the DWFC received some financial assistance from him for the seminarians’ tuition fee at the college thus helping in augmenting the number of those who entered the Divine Word Formation Center. We are indeed grateful to Dr. D. Bautista.

Again, welcome to this website that will connect you to your Alma Mater. Rest assured of our constant prayers for you in our daily celebrations of the Word and the Eucharist.



Fr. Doms Ramos, SVD


Sincerely in the Word,

Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD